Summer Enrichment Program in Behavioral Health in Milwaukee

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Summer Enrichment Program in Behavioral Health in Milwaukee

Are you interested in graduate school in clinical psychology? Interested in gaining research experience? The Health Careers Opportunity Program (HCOP) at Marquette University is a federally funded program that provides opportunities for disadvantaged students who are interested in health professions. The psychology department at Marquette is currently looking to recruit undergraduate students interested in pursuing graduate school in psychology to be part of a 6-week Summer Enrichment Program in Behavioral Health that will help prepare traditionally underrepresented or disadvantaged students for graduate school. Participants will learn about different areas of psychology, get hands on research experience, and work closely with faculty and graduate student mentors. All expenses are covered by HCOP, in addition to a weekly stipend provided to students. 

Interested students should contact
 Dr. Lucas Torres at [hidden email] or visit

Updates and FAQs:

§  For references, we would like to have at least one from a professor/advisor/counselor that knows your academic potential to succeed in a post-undergraduate program (it does not have to be a science professor as described on the HCOP website). The other reference can be from a former employer and/or volunteer supervisor.

§  In terms of scheduling, the summer program entails taking classes, workshops, or engaging in research activities Monday through Friday 8:00am-4:00pm. Three days of the week will be spent focusing on the Behavioral Health Track curriculum in the Psychology Department. The remaining two days will be spent taking classes with the larger HCOP cohorts which include all tracks.

§  The goals of the summer program are: 1) to expose students to various fields within clinical psychology so that they are better informed which area to pursue in graduate school and 2) to not only provide students experience in research but also help them develop a skill set that will allow them to conduct research in graduate school.

§  Tentative schedule of topics:
o Week 1: Introduction
o Week 2: Adult Clinical Psychology
o Week 3: Child Clinical Psychology
o Week 4: Health Psychology
o Week 5: Neuropsychology/Neuroscience
o Week 6: Research presentations & Wrap up


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