Southern Illinois University Graduate Student Co-Leading a Volunteer Project Overseas in Summer 2017

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Southern Illinois University Graduate Student Co-Leading a Volunteer Project Overseas in Summer 2017

Psychology Students:

Please see the message below about an opportunity to volunteer next summer in Australia.

From: ISV Groups <[hidden email]>
Sent: Friday, October 14, 2016 7:24 PM
To: Rose, Paul
Subject: Southern Illinois University Graduate Student Co-Leading a Volunteer Project Overseas this Summer





Hello Paul Rose,

My name is Kenny Olagunju, a Graduate Student here at Southern Illinois University, and I will be co-leading a trip to Australia this summer with International Student Volunteers (ISV).

Would you please share the following message about volunteering with me overseas this summer (2017) with the undergraduate students in your department?

I will be hosting an information meeting in Room 2005B of the Morris University Center (i.e., the Illinois Room) on Thursday, October 20th at 2:00 PM (one hour meeting) about this opportunity for students to volunteer overseas.

ISV is endorsed by the U.S. President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation, the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy, plus over 30 members of Congress. ISV also has thousands of dollars in travel scholarships available for students in need, to participate in volunteer programs around the world.


To all students interested in receiving a scholarship to volunteer and travel this summer,

My name is Kenny Olagunju, a Graduate Student here at Southern Illinois University, and I will be co-leading a trip to Australia and holding an information meeting (details below) for students who wish to join one of ISV’s 4-Week Volunteer and Responsible Travel Programs between May and September, 2017 to Australia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, New Zealand, South Africa and Thailand. The good news is that ISV has thousands of ISV Program scholarship dollars available for students needing financial assistance.

U.S. State Department

President's Volunteer Service Award

http://www.isvolunteers.org/images/lquote.pngISV changed my life. It has motivated me to make a positive impact wherever I go and made me want to travel the world. http://www.isvolunteers.org/images/rquote.png
Mia Harbaugh, Arizona State University

Meeting Place: Room 2005B Illinois

Meeting Date: Thursday, October 20th

Meeting Times: 2:00 PM (one hour meeting)

Click here to view a 90 second video of the ISV Program


ISV is an internationally-acclaimed organization offering award-winning programs to students around the world. This unique 4-Week Program consists of a 2-week volunteer project in conservation or community development, followed by an exciting and educational 2-week adventure tour that highlights the best natural and cultural wonders of the host country. More than 350 universities worldwide have granted course and internship credits to thousands of students for their participation in an ISV Program. Additionally, all students who participate will receive the President’s Volunteer Service Award as a recognition of their commitment to positively changing the world through volunteering.

ISV's volunteer projects focus on sustainability and hands-on learning while making a meaningful contribution to underserved communities, degraded habitats, and endangered species.

Meet ISV's Global Program Staff!

As part of a small team of students led by an ISV Project Leader, volunteers work closely with local organizations and community leaders, gain valuable experience and see real results. Please consider joining ISV's 40,000 alumni to Impact our World!

http://www.isvolunteers.org/images/lquote.pngISV provided me a whole new outlook on our planet. I feel more educated and confident to give back and help our earth more.http://www.isvolunteers.org/images/rquote.png
Elizabeth Krueger, Purdue University

HOW TO APPLY? Come to the Student Information Meetings led by Southern Illinois University Graduate Student Kenny Olagunju (see meeting info above). You will receive the ISV Program scholarship information and be able to submit a no-obligation application at the meeting. 

WANT TO KNOW MORE? Refer to the ISV website for detailed information about ISV Programs, destination countries, dates and more. Check out hundreds of ISV participant reviews on isvolunteers.org/go.

I look forward to seeing you at the info meeting,

Kenny Olagunju
Southern Illinois University Graduate Student

International Student Volunteers (ISV)
4848 Lakeview Ave. Ste. 100-A
Yorba Linda, CA 29886, USA
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Website: www.isvolunteers.org
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