FW: Job opportunity working with 24 year old with autism

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FW: Job opportunity working with 24 year old with autism


Hello Students,


A family is seeking college students to work with their child with Autism. This is a part-time paid position. See more information below.


Part time job opening in Belleville providing respite care for a 24-year old male with autism afternoons, evenings, and some overnights.  Additional opportunity to shadow him at his jobs and the gym if your class schedule permits.  This job provides an opportunity to get detailed hands-on training and experience in implementing a behavior plan created by the behavior specialists at the University of Iowa Autism Clinic. Our son exhibits occasional behavior issues due to limited language & OCD. You have to be able to stand your ground in a respectful, positive, manner when he is agitated. He responds best to people who are lighthearted & like to have fun but who can also be firm when needed. He is pretty self sufficient, mostly happy, and eager to please.  Willingness to learn, a positive outlook, and compassion for people with disabilities required for this position. References also required. You supply your own transportation. Pays $10/hr. If interested, email Lynda Rands at [hidden email] with resume, statement of interest, and phone contact information, along with best times to reach you by phone.


Note: The distribution of this job announcement should not be taken as an endorsement or implied endorsement of the hiring agency or individual by the Department of Psychology at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Departments often share job announcements without personal knowledge of the individuals or hiring agencies.


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