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Detention Officer Opening






POSITION                                                                                            Detention Officer



DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES                                                        See Attached Job Description (.docx attached at bottom)


LOCATION                                                                                           Madison County Detention Center

                                                                                                                100 W. 5th Avenue

                                                                                                                Edwardsville, IL  62025


EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE                                                             See Attached Job Description and Required Competencies


SALARY                                                                                                Madison County Probation and Court Services Department Compensation Schedule, Grade 7


HOURS OF WORK                                                                            Shift work at 24 hour facility



CLOSING DATE                                                                                  10:00 a.m.. Wednesday, October 26, 2016



Persons interested in this position must submit a letter and resume and Madison County application to Judith Dallas, Director, 157 N. Main, Suite 312, Edwardsville, IL  62025.  Please construct the cover letter and resume to specifically address the competencies and responsibilities outlined in the attached job description.  Additionally, applicants must be certified by the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts for eligibility of employment.


Download Madison County application for employment at

Download State application at



Date:  October 12, 2016



Judith Dallas     

Judith Dallas



Closing date is Wed., October 26, 2016, 10:00 a.m.


2016-10-12 JOB POSTING - DETENTION OFFICER.docx (159K) Download Attachment
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